Lawn Treatment

Residential & Commercial Treatment

We offer residential and commercial lawn services. We can combine our treatments to give you protection against ants, ant hills, grubs, scale, fleas, ticks, spiders and many other damaging insects.

For our commercial properties, we do offer monthly scheduled visits.?We provide the following lawn services:?Roaches, Fire Ants, Black Ants, Rats, Mice, Termites, Hornets, Bees, Spiders, Ticks, Fleas and more.


Healthy Home Pest Control

We also offer green pest control services for your lawn upon request.?We are constantly under attack from pests that want to ruin our homes and health. These pests come in many shapes and forms and they appear at different times of the year. Crabapple’s Healthy Home Pest Control has developed a Green protection program that consists of four regularly scheduled visits to your home or business during the year. By providing regular visits, we are able to manage pests before they attack your home or business.

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